Joris Luyendijk meets Barbara Ehrenreich

Joris Luyendijk speaks with the American writer and journalist Barbara Ehrenreich on her life and work. A continuous theme in Ehrenreich’s work is the deceit (or myth) of the American dream. Recurring, urgent themes in her work are the labour market, health care, poverty and the position of women.. During an in-depth conversation Luyendijk and Ehrenreich will speak on Ehrenreich’s personal motives and journalistic choices, accompanied by images and clips from her life and work.

Co-organizer The Erasmus Prize Foundation awarded Barbara Ehrenreich with the Erasmus Prize 2018

A 21st-Century Burning Issue: Doughnut Economics

Over time, perception has shifted of what economics ought to represent and how it should be applied. In Kate Raworth’s Doughnut Economics, a new paradigm is presented, meant to replace the prevailing neoclassical one. An introduction to this worldwide influential book and its background: could it be of interest to care ethics? Continue reading A 21st-Century Burning Issue: Doughnut Economics

Humiliating benefit systems undermine self-respect

‘When you lose your self-respect, you’re done’
I, Daniel Blake is a British-French drama film about a 59-year-old skilled craftsman, widowed, living in Newcastle.
Daniel Blake (Dave Johns), is recovering from a severe heart attack. For the first time in his life, he needs help from the State. Continue reading Humiliating benefit systems undermine self-respect

Reflections on movie The big short

Wall Street collapses in The Big Short. The 2008 financial crisis left millions in the United States unemployed and without homes. It expanded into a worldwide financial and economic crisis. Not surprisingly in America, Hollywood revisits the economic ‘bubble’ created by mortgage dealers and reckless -too big to fail- banks. Continue reading Reflections on movie The big short