Author: Madzy Dekema

Madzy Dekema

Madzy Dekema (1956) studied psychology at the University of Amsterdam (NL). In 1989 she graduated in graphic design from the Rietveld Academy of Arts in Amsterdam. Her graduation project encompassed the rendering of the philosophical development of worldviews, based on feelings. She received a design grant in 1992 and studied in New York. She worked as an independent graphic designer for twenty years, teaching in the same field. She studied editing and writing, coaching debutant writers and working as a webeditor and webmaster. She currently works on a novel about narrative identity from a feminist perspective.

Care Ethics in yet a Different Voice: Francophone Contributions

The edited anthology offers translations of important texts, published by francophone care ethics scholars since the early 2000s. This gives readers a glimpse of the diversity of French-language care scholarship, and its unwavering commitment to showing that care is fundamentally political.

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Reflections on ‘Sorry we missed you’

Film director Ken Loach builds a strong case against the human cost of the gig-economy in his latest movie Sorry we missed you. It is also a thoroughly political film, about things we regard as ordinary, not seeing what is just in front of our eyes. It shows the essential vulnerability of human experience. The political nature of care ethics is paramount.

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A 21st-Century Burning Issue: Doughnut Economics

Over time, perception has shifted of what economics ought to represent and how it should be applied. In Kate Raworth’s Doughnut Economics, a new paradigm is presented, meant to replace the prevailing neoclassical one. An introduction to this worldwide influential book and its background: could it be of interest to care ethics? Continue reading A 21st-Century Burning Issue: Doughnut Economics