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Problem or “mystery” in Care and Social Work?

Social professionals’ view of the good life and vulnerability determines what is seen as a problem and how it is tackled. The French philosopher Gabriel Marcel proposes the notion of “mystery” as an alternative to thinking in terms of problems.
Our editors Silke Jacobi and Ivonne Hoen attended a symposium (1) questioning the problem- and solution-oriented approach in social work getting in the way of the social worker’s “knowing”. They regard this a topical issue, in the symposium related to the phenomenological “mystery” notion of Gabriel Marcel (1889-1973).

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Surviving as a Form of Life

The Ethics of Care as a Critique of the Ideal of the Successful Life: do individuals universally prioritize self-development? In this short book, Frans Vosman challenges this notion, highlighting a cultural group focused on survival. Vosman advocates using ‘form of life’ and ‘cultural class’ to research political ethics, challenging hegemonic ideals. Continue reading Surviving as a Form of Life

From cancer one may sometimes die. Yet no one speaks about that anymore

Medical-technical innovations are great, but they often suppress a conversation about pain and suffering says Tessa Roberts-Smorenburg, care ethicist at the Antoni van Leeuwenhoek Hospital Amsterdam (NL) Continue reading From cancer one may sometimes die. Yet no one speaks about that anymore

Taking Refuge in the Arts

The richness and complexity of the article ‘Taking Refuge in the Arts’ by care ethicist Frans Vosman († 2020), is conveyed through a dense text which is sometimes difficult to  fully grasp. Its richness only becomes apparent upon repeated reading. In an introduction to this article, web editor Jeannet van de Kamp ties together different strands in his work, leading up to the thoughts expressed in the article.
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Caring news from Mexico

In April 2022 Estela Roselló Soberón informed us about the creation of the Seminario Cuidados para la Vida y el Bien Común at the Centro de Ciencias de la Complejidad (C3) of the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM). In this blog Estela Roselló Soberón, general coordinator of the Seminar, calls for allies in the endeavor to work on its mission. Continue reading Caring news from Mexico