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Taking Refuge in the Arts

The richness and complexity of the article ‘Taking Refuge in the Arts’ by care ethicist Frans Vosman († 2020), is conveyed through a dense text which is sometimes difficult to  fully grasp. Its richness only becomes apparent upon repeated reading. In an introduction to this article, web editor Jeannet van de Kamp ties together different strands in his work, leading up to the thoughts expressed in the article.
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An unwelcome, disenchanted care ethics

Frans Vosman was PhD supervisor of website editor Jeannet van de Kamp. She reflects on some aspects of what Vosman has put on the agenda as a highly pressing issue: “I believe that it (care ethics) is losing the critical force that has been its distinctive attribute from the start.” (2020: 20) Continue reading An unwelcome, disenchanted care ethics