In search of good care: a new perspective on qualitative inquiry

‘The methodology of phenomenological, theory-oriented ‘N=N case studies’ in empirically grounded ethics of care’ – in their paper Dutch care-ethicists Guus Timmerman, Andries Baart and Frans Vosman propose a new view on the methodology of qualitative inquiry in (care) ethics. In order to do so they studied real-life complexity of inevitably morally imprinted care processes through the use of extensive and comprehensive descriptions of exemplary cases. These cases show what participants in practices of care and welfare do and refrain from doing, and what they undergo. Rigorous analys provided innovative theoretical insights into the practice studied. The authors thus offer ‘stepping stones’, political-ethical insights that originate in the practice studied and enable practitioners to deal with newly emerging moral issues.

This link offers a read-only of the full article by Guus Timmerman, Andries Baart and Frans Vosman.

Photo by Dmitry Bayer on Unsplash

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