Debating care in Brasil and Portugal

Projeto Cuidado (the care project) is a project in a partnership between Brazil and Portugal. In this article the coordinators of this project (Tânia da Silva Pereira, Guilherme de Oliveira and Antônio Carlos Mathias Coltro) explain what the project aims at and share insights they developed with relation to care. Readers are invited to join the debate about care both within the ambit of law in relation to care and from a humanitarian and interdisciplinary perspective. Continue reading Debating care in Brasil and Portugal

Bach and Care Ethics

Has Bach got anything to do with care ethics? Yes, indeed, so I will argue. Although he was a composer of the Early Eighteenth Century, living in the context of protestant Germany, his sacred vocal work can be understood in a way that from a care ethical point of view still has significance for people in present-day society. Continue reading Bach and Care Ethics