Interview Kari Greenswag

Kari Greenswag (Los Angeles, USA) has finished her PhD at the department of Philosophy of the University of Sydney (Australia) in 2016. Her doctoral thesis is called “Globalizing the Ethics of Care: Policy, Transformation, and Judgment”. The burning issues she examines in her thesis are the increasing inequality in the world, the continued marginalization of women, and more broadly the growing crisis of care. Greenswag argues that the ethics of care should be considered an important lens through which to view complex international moral and political contexts. Continue reading Interview Kari Greenswag

‘New feminism’ in the Age of Trump

Like many people across the U.S., Canada, and around the world, I awoke on November 9, 2016, with a deep sense of sorrow, anger and disbelief.  As a Canadian, Trump was not my President Elect; yet somehow his election hit close to home.  That morning, I struggled to turn my attention to my main task for the day: Continue reading ‘New feminism’ in the Age of Trump