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Reviews of books, films, expositions that are internationally accessible. We think (non-academic) books, films and exhibitions can tell us something about how society at large, authors or artists look at care ethical issues such as vulnerability, how relationships generate responsibilities and how political decisions influence the life of all of us as caregivers and carereceivers. Their view may help us to further develop our own views and understand our own sentiments.

Reflections on movie The big short

Wall Street collapses in The Big Short. The 2008 financial crisis left millions in the United States unemployed and without homes. It expanded into a worldwide financial and economic crisis. Not surprisingly in America, Hollywood revisits the economic ‘bubble’ created by mortgage dealers and reckless -too big to fail- banks. Continue reading Reflections on movie The big short

Son of Saul, a hard movie to watch

None of us, editors of this website, dared to go. The movie Son of Saul, by the Hungarian filmmaker László Nemes, was supposedly too hard to look at. Would we be able to deal with the evil we would be exposed to? In the end I decided to go, some strange desire to find out what I could handle, but also to find out whether I could begin to understand what evil can do to those subjected to it. Continue reading Son of Saul, a hard movie to watch