Practical wisdom: vital core of professionalism in medical practices

The subject of the PhD thesis of Marij Bontemps is practical wisdom, “.. the virtuous capacity to .. discover what is morally relevant, knowing how to decide, knowing how to act, as well as knowing how to learn from what was not done well. Professionals with practical wisdom are always able to discern what is general and what is specific in nature (and act accordingly)” (Vosman, 2008). In particular, the thesis concerns practical wisdom in everyday medical practices that are pervaded with morality i.e. that they are focused on enacting the good for each individual patient.

Marij Bontemps-Hommen, pediatrician and member of the research network Critical Ethics of Care, presents a summary of the results of her PhD thesis, you can read here.

About the author: Marij Bontemps-Hommen

Marij Bontemps-Hommen

Marij Bontemps-Hommen is pediatrician at the hospital St. Jansdalziekenhuis, Harderwijk.
She is board member for the Critical Ethics of Care foundation.

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