Clean up time! Redesigning Care after Corona

A Position Paper on the Care Crisis from Austria, Germany and Switzerland by the Initiative Group Care.Macht.Mehr

Initiative Group Care.Macht.Mehr: Prof. Dr. Margrit Brückner, Frankfurt. Prof. Dr. Eva Fleischer, Innsbruck. Prof. Dr. Claudia Gather, Berlin. Dr. Karin Jurczyk, München. Dr. des. Frank Luck, Basel. Prof. Dr. Maria S. Rerrich, München. Prof. Dr. Barbara Thiessen, Landshut. Dr. Bernhard Weicht, Innsbruck.

The current crisis can provide an opportunity to organize and to finance our health, social and welfare systems and the entirety of care in a more socially responsible manner instead of merely offering bonuses and calling care employees heroes. That is why we suggest some initial work packages based on our research and occasionally illustrate them with examples from Austria, Germany and Switzerland.
August 2020

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