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Lecture: ‘Bioethics and conflicts of care in the hospital arena’

On 19 November 2014 prof. Helen Kohlen (Professor of care policy at Philosophical-Theological University of Vallendar/Koblenz and Adjunct Professor at the University of Alberta) held a lecture entitled ‘Bioethics and conflicts of care in the hospital arena – How care ethics can (not) serve nursing issues’ . 

This lecture was part of the seminar series ‘Care practices: towards a re-casting of Ethics’ organised by the University of Oxford. While the language of autonomy and principle-based ethics has dominated clinical ethics in the hospital arena, care-ethics and a language of care has been marginalized with relevant effects on the representation of nursing issues in clinical ethics. The presentation is based on the following questions: (1) What does the history of applied (bio-) ethics tell us about care ethics from a nursing perspective? (2) What are the findings in clinical ethics? (3) What do field studies in the hospital arena reveal about the language of bioethics and care ethics with a focus on nursing issues?

Like all lectures in this seminar series it is taped.

Next lecture on 26 November 2014: prof. Christina Schües. 

About the author: Johanna Gröne

Johanna Gröne

Johanna Gröne (1984) holds a bachelor’s degree in Life Sciences from Roosevelt University College, Middelburg. She continued to study medicine for a few years before deciding to focus on the policy level of health care, rather than individual patient care. In august 2013 she graduated from Tilburg University with a master’s degree in Care, Ethics & Policy. She worked at a health insurance company and is currently a member of the local council in Tilburg, as spokesperson for care and welfare.

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