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Lecture: ‘Beyond autonomy: A relational perspective on an Ethics of Care’

On 12 November 2014 prof. Elisabeth Conradi (Baden-Württemberg Cooperative State University, Stuttgart, Germany) held a lecture entitled ‘Beyond autonomy: A relational perspective on an Ethics of Care’.

This lecture was part of the seminar series ‘Care practices: towards a re-casting of Ethics’ organised by the University of Oxford. While many contemporary normative approaches start with an autonomous subject, the ethics of care draws on an interactive practice. This lecture explores the ethics of care as addressing voluntary communicative as well as supportive interactivities and focuses on the quality of these interactions. The ethics of care calls into question how listening, support, or assistance are carried out and reflects on its societal and political conditions.

[button link=”/wp-content/uploads/2014/12/Oxford-Ethics-of-Care-Series-Elisabeth-Conradi.pdf” bg_color=”#003566″]Lecture Elisabeth Conradi (PDF)[/button]


Like all lectures in this seminar series it is taped.

Next lecture on 19 November 2014: prof. Helen Kohlen. 

About the author: Johanna Gröne

Johanna Gröne

Johanna Gröne (1984) holds a bachelor’s degree in Life Sciences from Roosevelt University College, Middelburg. She continued to study medicine for a few years before deciding to focus on the policy level of health care, rather than individual patient care. In august 2013 she graduated from Tilburg University with a master’s degree in Care, Ethics & Policy. She worked at a health insurance company and is currently a member of the local council in Tilburg, as spokesperson for care and welfare.

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