Care as Political Category

This spring, the fifth volume in the series Ethics of Care will be published: Care Ethics. The Introduction of Care as Political Category by Fabienne Brugère (France).

Carol Gilligan’s In a Different Voice (1982) demonstrated that women have another way of thinking morality than men. But Gilligan’s book was not only an argument about gender. She also contended that care ethics is an important concept that has too often been neglected.
Dispositions and practices of care give rise to a new definition of social connections that takes vulnerability, dependence, and interdependence into consideration. Moreover, a politics of care can be an antidote to new forms of bureaucracy and to the privatization of public services.

This book is an introduction to the ethics and politics of care from a philosophical point of view, and can be ordered directly via the publisher Peeters Publishers in Leuven.

France boasts several influential care ethicists occupied with developing the ethics of care into a fully-formed political ethics. In response to new publications of the series Ethics of Care by Peeters Publishers in Leuven (Belgium) the editorial board of the website will travel from Utrecht to Paris this spring. Amongst the interviewees will be Fabienne Brugère (Paris, France), Sandra Laugier (Paris, France), Marie Garrau (Paris, France) and others.

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