The French Voice: Vanessa Nurock

In this second edition of the series The French Voice, we present our interview with Vanessa Nurock.

The current discourse on the Ethics of Care in France has great potential to contribute to the broader international discussion surrounding the Ethics of Care. The French discourse is mostly presented only in the French language, and therefore has remained hitherto largely unrecognized by the international community. In an attempt to expand the French voice to a broader audience editorial board members Tessa Smorenburg and Madzy Dekema of visited Paris (FR) to interview some of the leading scholarly experts in the field. In the coming months, will publish these interviews in the new series: The French Voice.

In this second edition of The French Voice, we present our interview with Vanessa Nurock, associate Professor of Philosophy at the Department of Political Science at the University of Paris 8 in France.

Firstly, Vanessa Nurock elaborates in this interview on her book Carol Gilligan et l’ethique du care (2010), in which she makes a plea for plurality in the discourse of ethics and politics of care instead of the unilateral application Carol Gilligan’s Ethics of Care.

Secondly, Vanessa Nurock elaborates on her book Sommes-nous naturellement moraux ? [Eng: Are we naturally moral beings?] (2011). In this book she uses a two-pronged methodology of moral philosophy and empirical science to argue specifically that, in her point of view, the divergent senses of justice and of care, are not alternatives to one another but different voices altogether.

Finally, Vanessa Nurock discusses her current work on the subject of technology and genetics, which will be finished this year. In this thesis, she explains that technology and genetics are a growing part of our life since the 90s and she postures that we need to think ethically about these kind of works. She substantiates this with two examples. According to Nurock, instead of looking for causality regarding ethical dilemmas in technology, the concept of relational responsibility could be helpful.

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About Vanessa Nurock
Vanessa Nurock is associate Professor of Philosophy at the Department of Political Science at the University of Paris 8 in France. Her research is positioned at the interface between ethics, politics and emerging science. Her books and articles address issues concerning bioethics, nanoethics, neuroethics, environmental and animal ethics, robots ethics, as well as ethics and politics of care and justice.


About the author: Tessa Roberts-Smorenburg

Tessa Roberts-Smorenburg

Tessa Roberts-Smorenburg (1987) graduated as a master in Ethics of Care and Policy at the University of Humanistic Studies in Utrecht (NL) in 2015. She currently holds the double position of ethical consultant, and policy advisor in the Centre on the Quality of Life and Survivorship, at the Antoni van Leeuwenhoek hospital in Amsterdam (NL). This centre accommodates the physical/psychosocial, supportive and survivorship care for cancer patients. As a sociotherapist she worked in direct contact with patients in psychiatric clinics. Her previous experience at TAAK brought her in contact with visual artists and care institutions to whom she provided an ethics of care perspective during research and project development for the programme “Art & Care”.

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