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Lecture: ‘Empirical Grounded Ethics of Care: a methodological perspective’

On 3 December 2014 prof. Andries Baart (Chair Presence of Care, University of Humanistic Studies, Utrecht, The Netherlands) held a lecture entitled ‘Empirical Grounded Ethics of Care: a methodological perspective’ as part of a seminar series.

The seminar series ‘Care practices: towards a re-casting of Ethics’ was organised by the University of Oxford. The ethics of care is an ethics that is relationally, contextually and situationally constituted. In perceiving, understanding and judging moral goods there cannot be a reliance on extra-relational, general principles − at least not only, perhaps not even slightly. It has to be slowly, conscientiously and attentively investigated: both the sensible (wise) and less sensible practices; both the excellent and the mediocre carer. Mindful of complex dependencies and social loyalties, care practices ought to be reconstructed from the context and from the perspectives of the carers –– what is good, reasonable, proportionate, just or decent care. Only after such a critical empirical inquiry could morally-relevant insights for good care be attained. This presentation aims to explore an empirically grounded ethics and how it can be operationalized – traditionally thought to be a contradictio in terminis.

This was the last lecture in this seminar series. Like all lectures, it was taped.

About the author: Johanna Gröne

Johanna Gröne

Johanna Gröne (1984) holds a bachelor’s degree in Life Sciences from Roosevelt University College, Middelburg. She continued to study medicine for a few years before deciding to focus on the policy level of health care, rather than individual patient care. In august 2013 she graduated from Tilburg University with a master’s degree in Care, Ethics & Policy. She worked at a health insurance company and is currently a member of the local council in Tilburg, as spokesperson for care and welfare.

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