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Ethics and Social Welfare will publish a special issue dedicated to promoting exchange and discussion on issues, challenges, and problems – as well as experiences, practises, and strategies – arising from the conducting of research.

The deadline for a proposal for the issue “Where the rivers meet: Sharing ethical research experiences in social justice, social welfare, community work, social policy, and social work” is April 1st 2022.

Please see the call here: 

or open the attached document to find further details and guidelines for submitting a manuscript proposal. The CFP can be also found at the Ethics and Social Welfare website .

This call is meant to replicate a meeting place, where three rivers meet at the heart of a continent. Researchers at all instances, the communities they work with, and the peoples who carry the knowledges and wisdom from practice and experience are asked to make the journey to this meeting place. That each of those who choose to make the journey is evidence enough that the value of their reflections will barter fair trade, that the uniqueness of their research practices and reflections derived from their own contextual centre is evidence of its value. At this meeting place, this special issue, we endeavour to hold an account of traditional, re-claimed, re-stated, or re-imagined ethical research practice. Here at this meeting place, we seek not to extract for individual benefit, but exchange and honour embedded and lived ethical research experiences.


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