Fabienne Brugere

Brugère: Emotions and Care

On November 6th 2015 professor Fabienne Brugère of the University of Paris was interviewed by our editor Tessa Smorenburg. They talked about burning issues in ethics of care and the Brugère’s views on the value of emotions, and how this relates to care. This interview was written in co-operation with Brugère’s publisher, Libraire Mollat.

The interview covers tree topics in the ethics of care, as identified by Fabienne Brugère: the notion of care and democracy, care for the increasingly large amount of elderly people, and equality of treatment in general care. Then, she’ll explain her position on the value of emotions in care. And to conclude, Brugère shares her view on a central issue in the discussion of ethics of care in France: “How do we relate to one another?”.

About the author: Tessa Smorenburg

Tessa Smorenburg (1987) graduated as a master in Ethics of Care and Policy at the University of Humanistic Studies in Utrecht (NL) in 2015. She now cooperates with artists, assuming the role of journalist or project manager, and makes use of her knowledge and experience in the field of ethics of care to provide perspective. As a sociotherapist she worked in direct contact with patients in psychiatric clinics. In her own artistic endeavors, like the collages that are her trade, she is intrigued by issues of gender and examines her position in society from a female perspective.

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