On the Philosophy and Implementation of Care Ethics

This summer the Humanities Research Institute Sheffield, United Kingdom organised the conference Care in Practice: On the Philosophy and Implementation of Care Ethics. This was an international conference on care ethics, viewed from the perspective of philosophers and those engaged in medical practice

The presentations (powerpoint and soundtrack) by a number of the speakers are available here.
Please endure half a minute of messy sound. Thereafter, the presentations can then be clearly heard. Only Stephanie Collins is, unfortunately, more difficult to hear.

Papers presented at conference ‘Care in Practice: On the Philosophy and Implementation of Care Ethics’, University of Sheffield, 1st-2nd June 2016

Stephanie Collins: Putting Limits on the Demands of Care

Jonathan Montgomery: ‘Only Connect…Can We Integrate Care Ethics and Legal Accountability?’

Sarah Clark Miller: ‘Dignity Redefined’

Christopher Bennett: ‘Care, Authority, and the Structure of Interpersonal Interaction’

Yonatan Shemmer: ‘The Object of Trust’

Robert Stern: ‘Care for the Other: Løgstrup and Care Ethics’

Tove Pettersen: ‘Reconceptualizing Care: Mature Care and Assymetric Relationships’

Elianna Fetterolf and Miranda Fricker: ‘Epistemic Justice as a Virtue of Healthcare Professionals’

About the author: Eveline Bolt

Eveline Bolt

In August 2012, Eveline Bolt (1959) graduated from Tilburg University. Focus in her work is quality of care for elderly and homeless people and her pre-master and masterthesis focused on these subjects. Ethics of care is thereby the entrypoint for her research, development and training activities. In the town she lives in, she is part of the board advising the city council on issues in the area of care and community development.

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