Caring Cities

Vienna deputy Mayor Maria Vassilakou visited Utrecht (NL) and we interviewed her about Caring Cities.

Several European cities are in close contact how to create a city where citizens can meet, can get in closer contact and can care for each other. On Friday Oct. 14, 2016 Vienna (Austria) deputy Mayor Maria Vassilakou with her staff has spent an intensive day of meetings and discussions in Utrecht, the Netherlands. City officials and citizens discussed the possibilities of how to reconstruct existing cities into cities where people indeed meet and care. Elsewhere similar projects are on their way, like in Cologne (Germany): Caring Cologne. Interestingly enough on a local, not a national level.

Care ethicists Frans Vosman and Tessa Smorenburg interviewed mrs. Vassilakou.

About the author: Frans Vosman

Frans Vosman

Prof. dr. Frans Vosman studied moral theology and philosophy at Nijmegen University and did a doctorate on economical ethics in Paris and Rome. Professor Louis Vereecke was his promotor. He was engaged in medical ethics before he took interest in the ethics of care, at Tilburg University, where he was professor ethics of care. He held a chair ethics of care at the University of Humanistics, Utrecht. He was interested in combining conceptual and empirical ethics and in the fundamental political character of the ethics of care. Together with colleagues he did research in a general hospital about patients perspectives and research with regard to people with an intellectual disability. He focused on the ethics of care as a form of fundamental political ethics, He considered the connections with other forms of political ethics, with epistemology and political forms of phenomenology to be quintessential. Frans Vosman died in June, 2020

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