Bibliography Frans Vosman (1952-2020)

This is a bibliography of Frans J.H. Vosman, founding father of this website. Compiled by Guus Timmerman 1 July 2020.
APA Citation: Timmerman, G. (2020, July 1). Bibliography Frans Vosman (1952-2020). (pp. 1-18).

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About the author: Guus Timmerman

Guus Timmerman

Guus Timmerman, PhD, (1961) was trained as physicist, theologian and care ethicist. He is research fellow at the Presence Foundation and member of the programme committee of the Critical Ethics of Care research network. Together with care ethicists Frans Vosman and Andries Baart, he published recently ‘Digging into care practices’ in the International Journal of Care and Caring, and ‘In search of good care’ in Medicine, Health Care and Philosophy.
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