Author: Marieke Potma

Marieke Potma

Marieke Potma (1965) studies Ethics of Care and Policy (MA) at the University of Humanistic Studies in Utrecht and works as a volunteer in palliative care. Her care ethical attention is focused on ‘Ethique du care’ and figures of vulnerability. She formerly worked as a senior member of staff and as students counsellor in Conservation and Restoration of Art in Amsterdam and studied philosophy at the University of Amsterdam (BA on Bergson). She is philosophical consultant and organizes workshops in philosophy in the Netherlands and France.

Care ethics and social vulnerability in India

Interview with Kanchana Mahadevan, professor of philosophy in Mumbai. Marieke Potma visited her in India. Mahadevan’s research focuses on ethics of care, feminist philosophy and socio-political philosophy. “The ethics of care offers an alternative to Eurocentric notions of self-sufficiency and planned rationality.” Continue reading Care ethics and social vulnerability in India