Author: Jan Jukema

Jan Jukema

Jan S. Jukema (PhD, MscN, BScN, Cert Ed.) o1967 lives in the Netherlands and is currently professor of nursing at Saxion University of Applied Sciences (NL).[]
Dr. Jukema holds a PhD in nursing science (Utrecht University), a master’s degree of science in nursing (Maastricht University) and a bachelor degree in nursing (NHL University of Applied Sciences).
His expertise is in the field of co-creation with older persons; shared decision making; Practice Development; person-centered care; and gerontology education.

Interdependence revised: co-creation as new pathway

Persons who depend to a large degree on daily care from others, like residents of a nursing home, are at great risk of being hurt in their uniqueness. One important source for reducing this risk to a minimum offers nurses’ daily and concrete care. That care can preserve someone’s identity. If so, nurses’ care can be described as preservative care. Continue reading Interdependence revised: co-creation as new pathway